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The Cricket™ and Bullfrog® Micro-Infusion Devices

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Enabling Therapeutic Development for a Wide Range of Diseases

The Mercator Cricket™ and Bullfrog® Micro-Infusion Devices are the first catheter-guided systems designed to infuse — directly and non-systemically — therapeutic agents safely through blood vessel walls into deep tissues. With this enabling technology, novel therapies can be developed and delivered site-specifically nearly anywhere in the body. These therapies may include treatments for plaque stabilization in diseased vessels, anti-tumor drugs, growth factors to stimulate cell division, and stem cellclick to zoom transplantation and gene therapies.

Delivering drugs through the blood vessel wall into the perivascular space and adventitia allows for direct, highly controllable and concentrated treatment, minimizing the toxicity of systemic administration, while avoiding the “washing away” of drug into the bloodstream. This can reduce drug side effects, increase therapeutic effectiveness, potentially decrease the cost of medical treatment and improve patient quality of life.

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